September 2017
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Memasak Tahu Isi Dengan Kulit Telur

Memasak Tahu Isi Dengan Kulit Telur - Whose name kulineran sure it will not be endless, there must be a new restaurant menu or just curious, what if you again in the city of Bandung. Yups! In the city of Bandung is indeed a culinary paradise, want any kind of food there must be deh. And more severe ya food in Bandung tuh riches you know!
Well coincidentally again in the area Talaga Bodas and fitting the lunch hour, the team finally CeritaPerut area decided to have lunch here. In Talaga Bolas indeed there are many places you can eat nikmatin, including this one nih. E_dun duck!
Waw, from his name aja apasih curious that E_dun. Hi hi hi .. Duck E_dun is located at Jl. Talaga Bodas No. 15 Bandung, precisely in one foodcourt Waroenk Orange, for this E_dun Duck nemuin so easy ko. Its location is alongside a road, Waroenk Orange is also conspicuous by its orange color. To susananya itself at this cozy duck E_dun ko, we can choose to eat in the outdoor or indoor. Equipped also with the music again the current trend.
After the message, ga for some time the order comes. From zoom make saliva dripping, one portion containing white rice, fried duck, salad, and do not forget 2 menu condiment. Fried duck his own empuuukk and ga oily, savory taste to the meat terdalam.Nah for sambelnya, in a given portion 2 sauce, the sauce is sauce first match Edun specials! Wah carefully this sauce Edun yes really, pedesnya nonjok tongue, but if you have a paradise for lovers of spicy you deh! The other one is the tomato sauce, ga too pedes because they were given a mixture of tomatoes. So here you are allowed to choose their own would nikmatin this E_dun same duck sauce spicy or very spicy ga.
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