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Cara Memasak Opor Ayam Bumbu Bening

Cara Memasak Opor Ayam Bumbu Bening - ang making ice cream is preferred from the first until now is how to make and the ingredients used are the traditional materials so that it feels so soft and tasty, one of them by making ice cream without the use of butter milk, but uses cow's milk genuine fresh!

Ice cream kind of http://www.sukamasak.net/ what is offered here? The choice of flavors offered here are quite varied, ranging from regular flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mocha @ 15K and nougat 20K, there is also a premium flavor like the taste of durian and rum raisini @ 20K, you can also order the menu of mixed flavor like a couple de maison (vanilla and nougat, 20K) and a special mix (vanilla, strawberry, and nougat, 25K). Or you can also order a menu of fancy flavored like chocolate sundae flavor, tutti frutti, casata siciliana, banana split, and spaghetti ice cream (25K-35K).

Of the many who served, some time ago I was just trying the new menu spaghetti ice cream, which is vanilla ice cream doused in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered nuts. Taste? Refreshing and creamy on the tongue and throat, into a sense that should be recommended to anyone lovers of this kind of culinary one.

Options Banana Split is also a menu that is ordered, so you can feel more than one variant flavors of ice cream that is three scoops of ice cream that line between pieces of banana that displit into two and then doused with chocolate sauce frozen on the cold ice cream, and a final sprinkling of nuts complementary pleasures. The ice cream really taste the milk, it feels noticeably softer with sweetness that is not excessive, especially served with banana maturity fit, perfect!
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