September 2017
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Tips Memasak Nasi Bakar Ikan Tenggiri Enak - For you are hungry middle Malem, I rekomendasiin place to eat this one deh, Joni Steak.bisa ascertained, this one could be the right choice for stomach kelaperan ngisi nights. The specialty meat lovers is evident from the visit steaks were packed since opening hours are 6 pm until the lid, at 1 am. Gak never empty !!
In addition because the price is relatively cheap, the food portions are here jumbo all! Who does not love delicious food with a share price plus tremendous saving?!. The menu is fish and chips here so one serving ala prima donna Joni Steak. Fishnya derived from fish fillets Dorri-sized super jumbo, it was not good plus fishy smell, and crunchy !! Moreover, served with french fries, salad, plus tartar sauce. : D
Menu steaks, the favorite is the sirloin steak I import. The menu here sirloin cooked to perfection so that the texture is soft, not tough, and that certainly prengus odor-free. Served with two types of sauces that can be individually selected, the mushroom sauce or black pepper can love spicy taste sensation in the mouth, and yea served with salad and french fries. Cheap tablets for dish sirloin super delicious and tremendous size, Only 35K.

Whose name culinary Bandung no death emang guns deh !! Always there is a new restaurant just unique and must make us curious. One was a restaurant this one ya !! Dangdut Warung his name. Restaurant which has the tag line "Culinary of the People for the People" is indeed raised populist concept restaurant really. Giving the name was due to the Warung Dangdut Dangdut is the music that is very familiar and well liked by many.

Fortunately for the team Ceritaperut get invited to the event honors the Grand openingnya Dangdut point. Well, obviously just an opportunity that was wasted our guns again to be able to taste the uniqueness offered by Dangdut this point.
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02 Des 2015
Cara Memasak Bubuk Ayam Steak Keju - Indeed Barito pulp is sold in a simple place, just shaped tent stalls, but the chicken porridge which started being sold from 5 pm until midnight is not doubt deliciousness place was fairly clean, as evidenced by the queues that seemed to never break up.

Porridge texture is soft and easy to digest but not too watery be a special case of slurry Barito, yet again because it is served with boiled eggs plus given piece cakue soft and crispy cheese sticks that add to the enjoyment of porridge Barito.

Porridge menyedikan in Barito also be a side dish menu intestine, ampel and chicken liver that can be very mush companion pass! Well, overall quite satisfied with the services of Barito's porridge. Although the porridge shop was crowded pretty fast and responsive service, so it can immediately satisfy a desire to enjoy the porridge.

Based on the recommendation of a friend, region of West Jakarta, in the vicinity of Jalan Tanjung Duren west there is a seafood restaurant that is already established since the late 90s, and until now already has several branches and each occupies a place large enough.
Always, when it comes to restaurants that serves a seafood menu, then the menu is the crab eggs compulsory ordered black pepper. In addition to the message menu favorite, when it was a message also menu grouper mango sauce, crispy calamari and shrimp paste cah kale.
My favorite, black pepper crab eggs. Medium size and quite a lot of black pepper. Loves, delicious with a spicy flavor of black pepper is very pronounced. Kepingnya sweet meat and eggs quite a lot in it. Anyway favors deh.
Apparently, here in addition to crabs, fish was also calculated per kilogram and is based on the size of the fish. Well, for the menu grouper mango sauce I choose the type of tiger grouper, grouper fish species in addition to other available here are grouper and grouper moon star.
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02 Des 2015
Tips Membuat Sate Kambing Bumbu Kecap - Velbel Project is a lunch box delivery startup latest in Bandung that promotes healthy food. It turned out to obtain a proportionate body we do not need a diet that is hard enough with healthy foods that fit our weight.

Every morning the resep masakan rumahan kitchen secrets Velbel Project is filled with sliced meats, pungent smell of onions, the aroma of tomatoes, and fresh ingredients other quality (and bustle) commonly found in the kitchen, prepared by a professional by a chef with a credible high you can get lunch loving nan memenjakan tongue with quality, kosher, cleanliness and freshness of the ingredients.

Menus in this Project Velbel more wear grilled and steamed way, so for you who does not like fried food suitable for ya pesen lunchbox to Velbel Project. Here comes the menus at the Gala Dinner Velbel Project:
Appetizer: Smoked Salmon with Sour Cream Dill and Flat Bread

For appetizer consists of, the bread is processed such that it feels so fresh ga given a slice of salmon on top and then given a concoction of cream so creamy. Unique, do not know why it seems so fitting didalem mouth to blend so. Penyajiaannya also very beautiful way.

Main Course: Aromatic Beef Tenderloin with Carrot Puree
Well this particular main course, the chef immediately know who practiced his way plating. Tendeloinnya itself was cooked medium rare, served with Carrot Puree that is not only delicious but also healthy. For lunch did we have to eat a balanced diet with the needs of the body needed anything else for you that works.

Dessert: Raw Strawberry Cheese Cake
This dessert is very beautiful up affection for eating hihi, blend the bread with cream and strawberry smeared stored thereon brown. Creamnya itself is cream cheese given cashew pieces then add coconut oil so fragrant.

For now the new Project Velvel orders lunch, maybe in the future we could order breakfast and dinner menu yes. Make you a tasty lunch, and of course, healthy and with a touch of art (and magic) you can message you know, to be able to open a menu on the website
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02 Des 2015

Cara Memasak Opor Ayam Bumbu Bening - ang making ice cream is preferred from the first until now is how to make and the ingredients used are the traditional materials so that it feels so soft and tasty, one of them by making ice cream without the use of butter milk, but uses cow's milk genuine fresh!

Ice cream kind of http://www.sukamasak.net/ what is offered here? The choice of flavors offered here are quite varied, ranging from regular flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mocha @ 15K and nougat 20K, there is also a premium flavor like the taste of durian and rum raisini @ 20K, you can also order the menu of mixed flavor like a couple de maison (vanilla and nougat, 20K) and a special mix (vanilla, strawberry, and nougat, 25K). Or you can also order a menu of fancy flavored like chocolate sundae flavor, tutti frutti, casata siciliana, banana split, and spaghetti ice cream (25K-35K).

Of the many who served, some time ago I was just trying the new menu spaghetti ice cream, which is vanilla ice cream doused in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered nuts. Taste? Refreshing and creamy on the tongue and throat, into a sense that should be recommended to anyone lovers of this kind of culinary one.

Options Banana Split is also a menu that is ordered, so you can feel more than one variant flavors of ice cream that is three scoops of ice cream that line between pieces of banana that displit into two and then doused with chocolate sauce frozen on the cold ice cream, and a final sprinkling of nuts complementary pleasures. The ice cream really taste the milk, it feels noticeably softer with sweetness that is not excessive, especially served with banana maturity fit, perfect!
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01 Des 2015
Memasak Tahu Isi Dengan Kulit Telur - Whose name kulineran sure it will not be endless, there must be a new restaurant menu or just curious, what if you again in the city of Bandung. Yups! In the city of Bandung is indeed a culinary paradise, want any kind of food there must be deh. And more severe ya food in Bandung tuh riches you know!
Well coincidentally again in the area Talaga Bodas and fitting the lunch hour, the team finally CeritaPerut area decided to have lunch here. In Talaga Bolas indeed there are many places you can eat nikmatin, including this one nih. E_dun duck!
Waw, from his name aja apasih curious that E_dun. Hi hi hi .. Duck E_dun is located at Jl. Talaga Bodas No. 15 Bandung, precisely in one foodcourt Waroenk Orange, for this E_dun Duck nemuin so easy ko. Its location is alongside a road, Waroenk Orange is also conspicuous by its orange color. To susananya itself at this cozy duck E_dun ko, we can choose to eat in the outdoor or indoor. Equipped also with the music again the current trend.
After the message, ga for some time the order comes. From zoom make saliva dripping, one portion containing white rice, fried duck, salad, and do not forget 2 menu condiment. Fried duck his own empuuukk and ga oily, savory taste to the meat terdalam.Nah for sambelnya, in a given portion 2 sauce, the sauce is sauce first match Edun specials! Wah carefully this sauce Edun yes really, pedesnya nonjok tongue, but if you have a paradise for lovers of spicy you deh! The other one is the tomato sauce, ga too pedes because they were given a mixture of tomatoes. So here you are allowed to choose their own would nikmatin this E_dun same duck sauce spicy or very spicy ga.
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29 Nov 2015